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We love filming weddings! There is such excitement in the air, the love and unity, not to mention the adrenaline rush that comes from filming your first kiss. It's scary. The camera battery could die at any moment. Thankfully we've never ever had that happen, but it still keeps me up the night before. Oh you think I'm overreacting? Let's see if you get a good night's sleep right before your wedding.

Point is, we are just as passionate about our work as you are about your fiance. Almost. Because you can't marry your work. You'll make ugly babies. 

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To try and simply our prices, we have two packages available with two lengths of time:
• Half day includes a final edit of the ceremony, reception and a highlight montage
• Full day includes that plus a first act edit of the bride and groom's arrival and preparations,

& second act edit of the guy's and gal's photoshoots prior to the ceremony

We have also filmed Persian and Indian weddings and are 100% able to capture it all even though we can't understand the priest.


• ENGAGEMENT STORY recreates the proposal and let's you tell your story in a mini-documentary to be played during your reception

• BACHELOR/ETTE PARTY no one has yet to hire us to film their pre-nuptial festivities, but we'd still love to party with you


2 camera operators

4 cameras

Our operators will blend into your special day like ninjas, you won't even notice them because of their ultra-professional approach and stylish fashion. You'll think they are just other guests at your wedding, except for the fact that they seem to actually know what's going on before it happens because they go to weddings all the time. Whereas this is probably your first.

And if it's not that's okay too, you probably didn't have a good wedding video last time, am I right?


1 camera operator

3 cameras

Operator will be ninja-like, ultra-pro and fashionable, but may make jokes out loud* to the photographers because he's lonely and doesn't have another camera operator to confide in.

*We edit out the jokes that aren't funny

**That's a joke, we don't actually make jokes during the wedding. Seriously. :)


We're not greedy. We have yet to turn down a couple that couldn't afford our initial price.
So rather than even putting some numbers on this site and scaring you off because your mom is paying for it, just give us a call and let's negotiate. Sometimes it's as affordable as naming your firstborn after me. ;)

2631 W Camino Hornos
TUCSON, AZ 85742

Phone: 520-243-3846

[If you are reading this, you should try watching the videos instead, they are even more interesting.]